Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I live in a "Nanny State"! Welcome to the Greatest Sham on Earth.

Here I am the other night watching the evening news when they run a story about how one state Senator from Ogden is trying to ban "flavored tobacco". His reasoning for this: "Kids might think it's candy." I don't know about everyone who reads this or will read it, I am SURE though that if you have children, you are pretty damn sure that YOUR children KNOW that tobacco in ANY for is NOT CANDY!

Granted, flavored tobacco does smell sweet and of course tastes 'close' to the flavor it is scented to be -grape, mint etc.- it is still NOT obviously CANDY. To prove his point, this MORON (mormon) Senator goes to a Boys and Girls Club with a news crew and 'stages' a 'smell test' with three blind-folded little kids. Under their noses in glass jars he waves a piece of candy, a grape flavored cigar and some mint chewing tobacco. He then asks the blind-folded kids to tell him what they smell. Of course all the kids say "Candy". Since the first thing they smell IS CANDY. Once the blind-folds come off, they ask what they see and all the kids say "ooh tobacco" with consternation and feigned sickness on the faces.

The senator in question then of course says the reason for the ban is to stop evil companies from enticing children to use a product that they CANNOT even purchase unless they are an ADULT.

I realize that the WOW (Word of Wisdom) bans tobacco; mostly due to Joe Smith's wife getting pissed off about cleaning up the spittoons that his friends used. But, really if an ADULT has the right and privilege to purchase a product that is LEGAL to consume, regardless of flavor, the ADULT should have to OPTION to purchase it if they want to.

The frustration of this issue is this: Why does the predominant religion here in Utah (read- Mormons) have to try and BAN adults from using legal products? They already ban Porn, anything harder than a beer from being sold in grocery stores and of course free thought and expression. (go ahead and try to have a dissenting opinion in this state), anyone that does is labeled a Nazi or worse and then pilloried in the media.

Oh and if you aren't mormon, you are screwed out of many jobs, promotions etc.

Welcome to the Nanny State of Utah. It's the greatest sham on earth!