Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kid saw heaven? REALLY?!?!?

It truly amazes me, a kid says he has "been to Heaven, where everyone has wings" and of course that has to be real right? It couldn't have had ANYTHING to do with the fact that he was under general anesthesia while having his appendix removed? You can go here to see the video
Don't get me wrong, maybe he really did see heaven and maybe I am wrong to disbelieve the whole thing. What I find more likely than a little boy going to Heaven (He didn't die on the table like most people who claim "heaven visits" do) that his parents are pimping out the kid to sell his fathers 'conveniently written' book entitled "Heaven is for real". 

It truly makes me sad to see parent's selling their kids on T.V. just to sell a book or worse to be 'famous'. Parents like this need to be looked at harshly, not treated as heroes for 'proving God is real'. 

Everyone has wings? Really? wow, wonder what the Mormons, Jews and Muslims have to say about that?