Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kid saw heaven? REALLY?!?!?

It truly amazes me, a kid says he has "been to Heaven, where everyone has wings" and of course that has to be real right? It couldn't have had ANYTHING to do with the fact that he was under general anesthesia while having his appendix removed? You can go here to see the video
Don't get me wrong, maybe he really did see heaven and maybe I am wrong to disbelieve the whole thing. What I find more likely than a little boy going to Heaven (He didn't die on the table like most people who claim "heaven visits" do) that his parents are pimping out the kid to sell his fathers 'conveniently written' book entitled "Heaven is for real". 

It truly makes me sad to see parent's selling their kids on T.V. just to sell a book or worse to be 'famous'. Parents like this need to be looked at harshly, not treated as heroes for 'proving God is real'. 

Everyone has wings? Really? wow, wonder what the Mormons, Jews and Muslims have to say about that?


  1. I thumbed through this book at Barnes and Noble and some thing i found interesting...

    The dad is a preacher

    The dad seemed to probe his son for information and details

    The kid said he met Christ's cousin

    I dunno. The book was written from the dad's perspective, so of course its going to be skewed. I have a hard time with stuff like this. If it did happen, then yea! There is an afterlife (and not the Mormon kind). If it was just this kids imagination, then the family got some cash flow off of their son's creativity.

  2. I just read through your blog and saw where you asked people to post because you know how many are reading it. Truthfully, it took me a while to figure out how to post. I am in my 40's and busy raising small kids so I have not caught up with the young or hip yet. I am looking forward to getting an Ipad soon. Anyway, so I figured out how to post- I think you write very well and I enjoyed reading your take on different posts. I especially loved the prayer post. SO TRUE! The music video was kind of scary for me but that was good, too. We lived in Utah for 4 years and on the same street as the stake president, I worked at the senior living where the President Hinkley visited and apostles came when they become too fragile. Letters were written to me about how sad it was I wasn't Mormon because I seemed so nice and comments were made to my face by the elderly how it was sad to see that I would go to hell. I felt so bad for Mormon children to grow up with such passive agressiveness and hypocrisy all around them. I think some of your posts were insightful and I think what living in Utah taught me is that God can not be where man has made his own religion. There is no room for him. So whether you are Baptist, Atheist, Christian, Mormon, Jewish or any other RELIGION, our traditions and self reliance alienate the God of the Universe. I don't understand how hope plays out in your life when having no belief in anything greater than yourself ends in randomness. Each individual is nothing without the wife, son, daughter, friend, parent, etc. We were born with a desire to search for meaning and the Bible says that God put that in us so we could find him. If we find something else like material goods or religion then we have substituted a great peace for a temporary world. Just by your confession of Atheism, you have agreed to a religion. Jesus, himself says that the only religion he believes in is taking care of widows and orphans. Might it not be better to be nothing and have nothing to say than to fight and be just like the Christians, Mormons, Muslims, Jewish people who alienate, tease and belittle the very people we should have empathy for based on beief alone. I only responded because you asked for some responses. Have a great day and may the good news be revealed to you and you not turn away out of stubborn pride. I am sure by some of these posts that you have heard the truth and have made a conscious decision to not believe which takes as much blind faith as making the conscious decision to believe. The difference between a God believer, who doubts just as much as the fiercest atheist at times, and a believer of nothing is "hope and peace." The believer has a peace that rides on hope and that can only be given by God. I don't think people should claim to know whether my grandma exist or does not exist when they have not looked for her. It is the same for God, do not claim that a God can not exist when you have not truly(let's all be honest) looked for God where he exist which is in the spiritual realm. In order to know whether God truly exist a human has to ask in their spirit. I pray that you CHOOSE to ask.

  3. Sorry, I just read the post and it sounds like I took for granted you were an atheist which you are not. I tried to write as non- confrontational as possible, in the shortest amount of time because my 4 year old is on my lap. Living in Salt Lake City really made me question any and all belief systems. I just want to thank you for giving me a space to write. I tell my children that I believe in Jesus as my savior but that each of them has to choose. We all have the choice.

  4. Thanks Heather!

    Christ had a cousin? Was he cool?

  5. Michelle,

    I actually am an atheist, just an open minded atheist that is willing to hear and listen to other's points of view without getting bent out of shape.

    You are welcome to stop by anytime and leave your thoughts.

    Thanks for stopping by.