Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terry Jones? IDIOT Koran Burner.

I am sure you are aware of who Terry Jones is right?

That CRAZY lunatic that burned a Koran? Yes, that IDIOT.

This moron puts the Koran on trial for: "Murder, rape, bigotry and abusing people that aren't Muslim" Seriously? He doesn't use the same standard with the Bible. Had he done that, he would have had to burn a bible too...

Funny how he can put the Koran on trial but NOT the Bible? The two works of FICTION are so similar I don't understand how he and his little band of morons don't see it. Oh, wait he is a moron, that explains it, had he a sense of intelligence and logic in his flawed, unintelligent body he would have been able to see this and not done something that has caused the deaths of multiple INNOCENT people just to whore some more media attention for himself and his little group (30 people).

You can read the full story here.

No more attention for his stupid ass.