Friday, January 14, 2011

I am now an Ordained Minister!

Can you hear the thunder? Fundamental (key portion of this being 'mental') Christians are all jumping up and down and screaming blasphemy!

It's true. I am now an Ordained Minister - I can perform weddings etc. All the benefits and privileges of being clergy are now MINE!

No, I did not 'jump ship' and become Christian. I didn't lie and deceive my way into being a minister. I am now an Ordained Atheist Minister. Yes, that's correct. An Atheist Minister.

You too can become an Ordained Atheist Minister. Yes, it's official. I am ordained through the First Church of Atheism. - Sounds like an oxymoron I know, but hey it's all legit and now I get to put Rev. in front of my name and MEAN it. It's great.

By no means am I saying every Atheist should become a Minister. I just wanted to share it with you my happy friends and fans.

Oh and all you religious folks with the 'corner' on this: SUCK IT!

Love and kisses...


  1. Sweet! I might have to check this out. I actually recently had my cat ordained too! Oh atheists and cats rejoice at the good news!

  2. I think I will get my dog ordained a minister (christian) then he can make as much sense as the human versions....