Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have given my sould to Jesus!

You didn't read the title of this post wrong. No, don't dispair, you too can be saved. After years of fighting against the tide and the sheer overwhelming evidence that God is REAL and Jesus came to earth to save us all, I have come to the conclusion that I was WRONG. There is scientific, empirical evidence that God exists and he is a kind, caring and loving God. Everything happens so that we can learn and grow and become better people for it. It's all about God's great plan for us to one day return to live with him in heaven.

Yes, brothers and sisters I am pontificating. I am witnessing. I have changed my ways. I will no longer find religion a backward, silly and generally comical belief structure where adults talk to imaginary friends and pretend to have magic powers to heal people etc. Moving forward, I no longer believe that it's a fantasy. It's reality! I want you all to know that you too can turn away from the devil spawn taking over this country called Atheism. You too can return to good standing with our Lord Jesus Christ! All you need to do is just throw out the proof, the evidence (lack of evidence) the contradictory nature of the Bible, the council of nicea and let's not forget the fact that all images you see of Christ in modern art etc. are ALL images of Constantine! Throw all that away, just believe and you too can be SAVED!!!

You just need to believe! That's it. Throw logic, common sense, science and intelligent thorough thought OUT THE WINDOW and just believe!

Makes good sense right?

The earth is flat!

Gravity is a myth!

So what if there is NO acheological proof of the Book of Mormon, it's REAL!

Leprechauns are REAL!

Santa Claus really comes down your chimney every Christmas!

The Easter Bunny delivers all the candy and eggs!

The tooth fairy delivers rebates now!

We are the ONLY intelligent life in an infinite universe!

The earth is ONLY 6,000 years old.

Fossils are of the DEVIL!

Believe all this and you too can be SAVED!! Just believe, throw out your IQ and just BELIEVE!!

It's all religion asks of you. That's it. Put your blinders on and you too can be SAVED!

Wait, who am I fooling? I can't do this. I'm sorry Christians, Muslims and every other religion on the planet. I can't do it. You can continue to believe in your fairy tales and fantasy friends.

I will stick to logic and reason.

I will stay an Atheist thanks. My world makes sense and I don't have to talk to invisible people to make my life better. I don't have to live in fear of HELL. I just do good for the sake of being a good person (that and it feels good to be a good person).

You enjoy your fantasies and I will enjoy my reason and logic.

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