Monday, June 25, 2012

Typical Mormon Jibber Jab

Have you noticed how Mormon "defenders" always twist logic and fact to meet their twisted view of reality?

I read an article in The Salt Lake Tribune where the author goes out of her way to defend the Mormon Church from accusations that Joseph Smith was a fraud. It's almost humorous.

In one sentence she says:"I have to disagree with the article’s implicit conclusion that leaving Mormonism — or indeed any religious tradition — is the only logical choice for a rational, educated person."

But it is! If you are logical and look at things from a point of view of reality and reason, you would choose to leave.

She then says "The logic behind this loss of faith — Joseph Smith was a fraud, therefore the religion that he founded is phony, and one’s entire experience as a Mormon is bogus — is actually just the reverse of how many Mormons approach their faith. If the Book of Mormon is true, the thinking goes, then everything Joseph Smith did or said was divinely inspired. And if Joseph Smith was divinely inspired in everything, then everything about the church is just how God wants it."

As you can see from the above quote, she specifically and pointedly lets you know that Mormons live in delusion. They ignore fact and reality and instead live in a fantasy world where they can twist the truth and the facts to fit their warped sense of truth.

She then goes on to say "I am an active Mormon and I love my church. At the same time, I can empathize with the disillusionment felt by those who investigate LDS history for the first time after having been exposed only to sanitized versions of church history."

That's funny considering that the 'sanitized' version is what is TAUGHT in church to all the faithful. The ONLY way that a member of the LDS Church learns anything other than that is if they look outside the faith and see what is there.

Here's what I see; Much like a True/False test in school, if ANY part of the question is false, the entire question is false. If  I extrapolate it out, if any part of the faith is false the entire faith is false. How can a faith be true and correct if it is founded on falsehoods? Logically, it cannot be. Therefore it MUST be false and incorrect.

Since there is a myriad of evidence proving that many of the principles and foundations of the LDS church are false, the entire faith must then be false.

I am going to list just a couple of the falsehoods of the church. You tell me, how can it be true if these falsehoods exist?

1 - The Book of Abraham (the scrolls that JS "translated" from were Egyptian Funerary scrolls. nothing special at all and definitely NOT the story of Abraham)

2 - The blatant plagiarism of the Book of Mormon from the Bible. (I realize that the Bible is fiction too, it's just sad that Joseph Smith stole from such obvious fiction)

As I said earlier. It's a lie. Open your eyes and see it for what it is.

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