Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's been a while....


It's been a while since I posted anything, for that I apologize. It's been a busy few months what with football coaching (little league) and work getting in the way. Speaking of work, I transferred from one project I was managing to an account now that has me managing a group of agents that take calls raising funds for an Evangelical Christian organization. Even my boss and the CEO of the company I work for find this HILARIOUS.

The group spouts all this venom towards Atheists on a regular basis and here I am managing the group of people that answer their phones and drive donations to keep them talking their garbage. I'm good at what I do, we do well and the 'group' gets their millions. It's just ironic that I am helping them continue their campaign of hate and intolerance.

The most hilarious thing about this though is the callers themselves, they are so very deluded that it makes for some very entertaining listening. It never fails to amaze me the way the religious mind works, these people will call in, all fired up about whatever issue the organization is pushing that day and want to voice their opinions on how the country is going to hell, how terrorists are allowed to build churches or better yet how Atheists are ruining their "Christian Country" (Last I checked, the U.S was NOT Christian but rather built on the idea that the U.S would be SECULAR) -- see the founding fathers notes in history if you disagree. You know, disputing the Ground Zero Cross etc. that one always makes me laugh since it's a couple metal beams that didn't fall down and just happen to be intersecting. All the idiot Christians think it's a great sign from God. IF it were a sign from God, and that's a BIG IF, God must be a real bastard. What was he thinking? "hey let's kill 2000+ people and then I will leave a couple metal beams that intersect and all the believers will suddenly see that as a sign that I care!" Wow, and they swallow this crap...Anyway, when the agents ask these callers for a donation to support this organization the callers come back with "Well, I need to pray about it." and hang up. It's DAMN hilarious, they all want to support God and fighting these issues but have to ask GOD if he's ok with it?


It's almost as bad as: "Hey I understand you need help, so I am going to pray for you." Why don't they just say " I know you're suffering but, hey FUCK OFF. I am not doing anything for you but hoping things get better." Wow.....

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