Friday, November 18, 2011

Stupid Bigoted People

Yesterday afternoon I took a departure from my usual routine of writing my book, and watched some T.V. Normally, I don't watch much late afternoon T.V as there is rarely anything of any value on for me to watch.

Yesterday was an exception.

I don't know how many of you have ever watched Anderson Cooper's talk show, I never had before yesterday as I normally don't waste my time with the likes of Oprah, Dr. Drew, Donahue, Jerry Springer or any of their ilk. It's usually what I call "Opium for the masses".

The subject matter of this show though intrigued me. It was Muslims in America. On the show were a panel of "American Muslims". They I guess, have a show on TLC. I don't think I will ever watch the show as I do my best to stay away from "Reality T.V". These genuinly nice people seemed to be truly trying to "live the American dream" and just be who they were. Of course, there was a counterpoint to this panel, and you guessed it. It was a CRAZY "Christian" woman that did nothing but spout hate and venom at the guests.

It started out entertaining enough.

The "Crazy Lady" would say something to the effect of "Islam is NOT a religion" and Anderson would ask a question to the panel about her comments. I was AMAZED, the members of the panel never once got upset, irritated or angry. They maintained their cool even when the "Crazy Lady" spouted patently offensive rants about how Islam is "The most violent religion in the history of Earth." and how they "aren't good Muslims because they follow American Law". Never once did the members of the panel fall to her level of insults and degredation. I was impressed.

I was the one shouting and angry at the "Crazy Lady". Not because I was defending Islam. If you know me at all and have read ANY of my posts, I won't defend any religion as I don't buy into any of their dogmas. I am happy to listen to someone's point of view, but I don't defend any particular religion. I figure they are all fair game, ONLY if your argument is valid though.

Hers wasn't.

It was typical Right-Wing hate speak. Her uneducated rants and insults only served to make everyone that feels her same way look more like the Nuts they are.

My favorite part of the show was where she claimed that Islam killed more people than any other religion on earth. Ummmm. WRONG. Christianity has throughout history killed more people in the name of Jesus than all the wars ever fought COMBINED. I found it entertaining that she refused to acknowledge this even when a Christian Pastor, informed her of this. Her response was "No, I don't believe that". It just shows the delusional lies that these people tell themselves to continue in their little world of hate where they firmly believe that Jesus is "ok" with their delusion.

If there were a Jesus, I would guess from what I have read, and I have read that great work of fiction called the Bible. That fella would NOT be happy with her or any other hate spouting "christian" believer out there. I have a feeling that that fella would tell those folks to get right with themselves and follow the "Golden Rule". Oh, wait in their world that ONLY applies Christian to Christian.

In my final analysis of this show. I would have to say this: I think I would be happy to call the guests on the panel friends. They came off as genuine and understanding. They espoused more "christian" values than the Christian that was attacking them.

Way to go Guests!


  1. A tired and true unquestioning believer can't hear reason or evidence. If they "know" its true through a feeling, it is 100% true. I wish I would have caught this show!

    And are you seriously writing a book? Umm, awesome!

  2. You would have probably wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her too.

    Yes, I'm writing a book. It's slow coming but it's coming :)