Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update to Venting Post

So get this:

The head IDIOT (Coach) Suspended my son from the last game of the season for something he DIDN'T DO!

Yes, that's correct.

My wife and I proved he did nothing and that there wasn't an issue. The IDIOT decided to suspend him anyway. OK. He's stupid and a moron I get it. My son and I decided that since the last game of the season (the game he got suspended from) fell on MY BIRTHDAY (Yes, happy B-Day to me) that we would skip the game and do some father-son stuff together. He wanted to take me to lunch, play some video games etc. So, we skipped the game and did some stuff together.

No harm in that right? Not a big deal, he wasn't playing anyway. He didn't want to go, and I was irritated enough at the IDIOT that I didn't see the point in going either.

So, come to find out they LOSE their game. Ok. they lost most of the games they played this year, mostly due to inept coaching on his part but that is another story. I guess he did something to get himself kicked off the sidelines and couldn't be on the sidelines to coach. (Not sure what that was, I WASN'T there). Suddenly I am getting nasty emails and facebook posts claiming that I DID SOMETHING to cause this.

This is where I am confused, if I WASN'T THERE, how could I have done something to them? Sounds a bit like the 'blame game" and childish CRAP to me. Until Monday, when I got to work and checked my email I had NO IDEA that they had even had an issue at the game. I didn't check my facebook updates or anything all weekend so I had no idea there was any issue at all.

Needless to say, my son goes to school on Monday and kids from the team are saying it MY FAULT they lost. IT seems the IDIOT is telling the KIDS it's MY FAULT they lost. Not sure how, but he is for some reason hell bent on making me the exucse for his INEPT and terrible coaching and behavior.

Needless to say, my son will NOT be playing for those IDIOTS next year and I would encourage anyone that has kids that play sports to NOT sign them up for anything involving that IDIOT. I won't post his name or anything here since he would probably SUE me for stating the truth or some other garbage.

I am over it, really I am.

Stupid people just shouldn't breed.

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