Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If you aren't christian, GO TO HELL!

It seems to me that, that appears to be the motto of every bible thumping 'missionary' for Christianity on the planet.
This message isn't new however, in 1939 there was a certain world leader that touted that very message along with 'If you aren't German, DIE!' This fellow took the time to burn books, imprison the handicapped and gypsies as well as homosexuals. Eventually that same 'leader' put over SIX MILLION people to death.
Today, while at work, one of my employees was talking to another employee about terrorists and what should be done. Their solution was to imprison or deport all people of Islamic faith. REALLY?? This is the Christian solution?
I only ask this because there are more than a few evangelicals preaching drivel of this sort all over the 'Christian' network channels. Nearly every show spends at least a third of it's time preaching this very philosophy of 'If you aint Christian, you are evil and should be stopped!'
Last I checked there are plenty of decent, hard working and very caring NON CHRISTIANS in the world. Just because one doesn't view 'God' the same doesn't make them evil, JUST DIFFERENT.
And of course there's me....

Being an Atheist makes it worse, after all people (and this has been empirically proven) trust murderers and convicted criminals before they trust an 'open' Atheist. That is just SAD. If you want someone trustworthy, look for someone that doesn't wallow in self deception and you will find an ATHEIST. If you feel that is untrustworthy, I think maybe you need to look inside and find out why you feel so very threatened by a logical, overtly honest person. After all, to be an Atheist, one must be honest with oneself first and see the world and the universe as it truly is. Beautiful, amazing and NATURAL. NOT Supernatural!

Love ya all.

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