Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paul "PZ" Myers in Utah!!

This past Saturday 4/7/12 "PZ" Spoke at the University of Utah on Science and Atheism. It was a very interesting and enlightening speech.

He talked about the three core values of Atheism: truth, autonomy and community. All of which I espouse to follow.

It's funny though that he speaks about these three core values which I find many if not all, of my Atheist friends out there adhere to are the same values that the insane Christians shout from the rooftops that we are against.

Who is the liar and bigot now?

While the Atheist works to understand the world, the universe and our existence. The religious individual buries their head in the 'sand' and refuses to acknowledge anything other than what their 'holy book' tells them to believe.

Sad really.

Very, very sad.

Here are some comments from the religious, love your neighbor folks regarding "PZ" and Atheists in general, taken from the SL Trib.

Rocky Morrison : Below is a list of Myer's Scientific Achievements in the past Ten Years...

Rocky Morrison

 And he says that Science is the Atheists weapon.

Yeah, and Officially Atheistic Governments have used it pretty effectively to kill MILLIONS...100 Million in the past century alone...more than in all the wars in history

(The Black Book of Communism...Harvard University Press...and spare me the jive about Atheism not having anything to do with communism: Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky were all committed atheists who wanted to eliminate religion. And the later two put in place the machinery to attempt it. See Solzhenitsyns Three Volume series The Gulag Archipelago and he talks about the millions who were in the Gulags for no other reason than that they were Christians.)

Pretty telling isn't it? Religious folks using their standard rant of Atheists are evil etc.

Sooo very tired of their bigotry and stupidity.

Stand up and let your voice be heard, if you are a closet Atheist, come out and be a part of us, we need you.

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  1. The only way atheists are different than religious people is that we don't believe in their fairy tale god. That's it. We have values and morals. We feel love for family and friends.

    Religious people are the ones spouting the hate against atheists, the ones insisting that atheists are evil, and the ones causing hurt and divide. I have NEVER heard of an athiest who shunned a believing family member. I wish I could say the opposite was true.