Friday, April 20, 2012

Quotes from LDS General Conference

Yes, I know I'm a bit late on this. It's mostly due to me NOT watching General Conference but waiting for it to be done so I can go over some of the 'nitty gritty'.

These are quotes that were posted at . She is a Mormon apologetic and posts her thoughts etc. I wanted to go over her 'favorite quotes' and give my feedback...

I am only going to go over the quotes she posted that I found either humor or reprehension in:

Russel Nelson, an apostle, discussed in part the absurdity of the Big Bang Theory and made a great comparison.  He said “Could an explosion in a book factory create a dictionary?” A ridiculous comparison. It's much like the "Watch in a bag" argument. If you can prove that the universe was created through intelligent design, PROVE IT. Don't give me stupid arguments because YOU don't understand it, PROVE your argument. Making blatant anti-science comments like this from the pulpit is just plain ridiculous! I wonder, does he even understand science? Has he opened a book since the 1960's? I doubt it.

Todd Christofferson, and apostle said something that I’ve said a few times on this site that we’ve had discussions on regarding when a prophet is speaking as a prophet vs. as a man.  He discussed an example of how Brigham Young one morning said a lot of opinionated things to a group of LDS Saints and later in a church meeting he got up and said “this morning you heard what Brigham Young had to say…now you will hear what the Lord has to say”.  The quote I liked from Christofferson was “Not necessarily every statement by a prophet is revelation.” Ahh yes, the standard 'mormon disclaimer'. They TALK to god and purport to bring messages FROM god, but ONLY when it suits them and you cannot refute what they are saying.

President Thomas Monson discussed how most of the things we worry about in life are of little importance compared to the big questions we ask during trials in our lives.  He also discussed making the most of our lives and not aimlessly going through life.  The quote I like from him was something to this effect: “we enter mortality not to drift through the waters of life.  We have the power to reason, think and achieve…” So WHY do you as an institution dissuade your members from THINKING when it involves the absolute FRAUD that Mormonism is? Why do you do that? Because you Don't want them thinking you want them donating and working.....

L Tom Perry gave a talk on the Book of Mormon.  The quote I thought was great was this “Are you a Mormon?  If not, you should be!” Need more 'revenue generators' do you?


  1. What a bunch of frauds! What is the purpose of having a "living prophet" who shares gods will if nothing new ever gets shared? When was the last time these idiots actually gave good advice that came from god? Never, it's always the same thing: pray, pay, and obey.

    How about some heavenly insite on, say, the next big penny stock option. Or maybe the date and site of the next major natural disaster? How about the hiding places and military strategies of terrorists. How about the location of missing children and the creeps who prey on them? How about serial killers?

    No, god is absent, as usual, in anything that would actually require revelation. Any clown in a suit can stand at the pulpit and tell the masses to pray more.

    1. And your the expert on all things Mormon how???????? Dumb ass

  2. It's funny how they just follow along and like sheeple just suck up that garbage.........

    No, it's not funny, it's damn sad.

  3. Assholes... Not Mormons... I could care less about them, I'm talking about all you whose only purpose in life is to find fault with them. But y'all should leave them and their stuff to themselves. Get a life. Watch the nba playoffs or do something.

  4. What's damn sad is your life bitch. Any religion is better than your blog or gay comments. I'm going to mass now so have fun in hell

  5. Hey anonymous. Yes I am talking to YOU ^^. Seriously, I could find fault with your religion too. It's a joke. You pray to statues and dead folks and think that makes sense? You follow a faith that endorsed the inquisition, paying for forgiveness and priests molesting little boys. Hmm. Ya, I don't really have to worry too much about you either.

    Least I can say that this proves it! Religious folks (imbiciles) like this moron prove my point. If this person were truly following their faith, the above posts wouldn't exist. They would come in here with something that remotely resembles intelligence, oh and they would post their name too.

    Chicken fake!