Saturday, April 14, 2012

War on Religious freedom?

Interesting story in the Turkish Press.

It's amazing to me how the Christian Right can run round screaming at the top of their lungs that THEIR religious freedoms are being attacked and eroded when it is THEY who are focusing on forcing their beliefs down the throats of everyone who is within ear shot of their voices.

"We're starting to see our religious freedom taken away. Our Christian faith is being stepped on. Like kids in the schools -- they can't talk about God," Seriously? What about those of us that don't want to hear about your fantasy world in school? What about those folks in the world that don't believe the same as you? Don't they have the RIGHT to NOT hear about your gods in school?

"There's something wrong in America." Yes, I will tell you what is wrong in America... YOU!

"Christians are persecuted in many other countries and I think this is the next one," Really? YOU are persecuted? YOU? Have you listed to Faux News recently? All you folks do is BASH anyone that doesn't believe the way you believe. Typical Christian behavior... "We are UNDER ATTACK," even though it's YOU doing the attacking..

"They say it's the separation of church and state, but it's a falsehood," Dean said. No, buddy you are the falsehood. The separation of Church and State was designed to give you not only freedom OF religion conversely also freedom FROM religion.
The first amendment -- which prohibits the "establishment of religion" -- was written because the founders were concerned that government would interfere with religious practices, he insisted. So Wrong again. Read the freakin' amendment will ya!
The Supreme Court, however, has interpreted the clause to mean that the government cannot promote religion. As did former president Thomas Jefferson, main author of the Declaration of Independence, who wrote that the establishment clause sought to create a "wall of separation between church and state." Yes! Exactly Right. Thank you Supremes!

Yet many evangelicals and conservatives like Dean read the constitution and Declaration of Independence differently, finding proof that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. Sorry, kids. The good ole USA was founded as a SECULAR NATION. Again, read it.

"It's very hard to walk around any city in the United States and feel that religious people as a group or individually are suspect to mass persecution," Green said. Exactly! Ask an atheist or a Muslim who is being persecuted and you will get a VERY different answer.

If only we could see the USA for what it is. A secular nation that ALLOWS EVERYONE to practice or not, the religion or lack thereof of their choice. Sadly, I don't see this happening. Too bad we don't have an atheist running for president. If we did, I would definitely be voting for him/ her.

How do you feel about this?

Are you a Christian Crazy that supports this crap?

Are you a logical, intelligent human being that doesn't?

Where do you fall?

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  1. School is not the place to talk about religion. That's not trampling their rights; its keeping it real. No one in the scientific or non-religious communities whines that their beliefs aren't being taught in church. Should we organize a group to protest churches because they refuse to teach evolution in church?

    Grow up you babies!