Thursday, April 26, 2012

Religious Materials in Schools?

In Asheville NC, the Buncombe School board is considering allowing religious organizations to FREELY distribute religious materials to students on school property and DURING school hours. IMHO this is grossly inappropriate. There is no reason why a religious organization should be able to distribute their propaganda to students in PUBLIC schools.

If parents want their children reading religious texts or materials, they can get them from a myriad of religious groups ON THEIR OWN TIME. The tax-payers don't need to be funding the equivalent of state funded religious education. I am not only taking this from the atheist standpoint but from anyone whose religious beliefs contradict evangelical christian dogma.

Think about this: You are Muslim, your child goes to school and comes home with a Bible and several pamphlets outlining how Christianity is right and ALL other religious beliefs are incorrect and false. How do you react to this? What conversations do you now have to have with your child because of materials that your child should never have received at school?

You are Mormon, you child comes home with anti-Mormon pro evangelical literature outlining how your belief structure and dogma are a cult. What do you do? How do you fell?

You are Jewish, your child comes home with a pamphlet outlining how the Jews are evil and killed the christian savior. How do you reconcile this with your child?

You are black/Hispanic/Asian, your child comes home with some "christian:" propaganda from let's say the KKK. How do you deal with this garbage?

You are christian, your child comes home with a Book of Mormon or Q'uran? How do you explain to your child what you believe without promoting hate and dissension?

As you can see this is NOT a good thing. I didn't even go into atheist or pagan beliefs that would be dramatically impinged on by putting this propaganda and fantasy material in a place where it should NOT be.

If you live in NC, you should be outraged and calling on whatever political powers you can to try and stop this idiotic school board from doing this to not only your children, but every ones children.

Religious beliefs are fine if that's what you choose to do. They do NOT and cannot belong in the public school system. Anything short of a non-religious, non-bias education is a disservice to your children and will only contribute to the continued disintegration of our society.

I say stop it now!

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  1. If parents want their children to receive a religious education, then they can send their kids to a private religious school. Religion absolutely needs to be left out of a public school were there are kids from many different religious backgrounds.

    Besides, a public school is government funded. And doesn't the Constitution say something about separation of church and state? Someone in NC needs to start a law suit if this happens.