Friday, May 4, 2012

Bible fact or fiction?

This has been something that constantly comes up in my mind.

Is the Bible fact? No. Even biblical scholars will tell you that the Bible is a set of allegories and stories meant to inspire or teach the reader life lessons etc. The Bible was NOT intended by it's authors to be taken literally.

It was never intended to be the 'word of god'. It was always intended to be a teaching tool. Taken literally the Bible is confusing and contradictory. Taken as an allegory for current events of the time and political and religious view points of the authors it makes sense in that respect. The truly sad part of this is this; fundamental Christians take it literally and ignore the FACT that it was never written to be taken literally.

Is the Bible fiction? Yes.

It's full of entertaining stories and fables. Did any of the fantastic and miraculous happenings in the Bible actually occur? Archeology says no it did not. There is NO written proof anywhere that any of these things happened other than a story in the Big Book of Fiction (bible). For example Jericho. Didn't happen, had it happened as told in the BBF there would have been independent proofs of this story outside of the biblical reference.

The falling frogs and pestilence in Egypt. Nope, no independent proofs there either. The Egyptians which by the way were huge on documenting everything didn't document glyph one of this incident occurring.

Noah's ark. Nope, no proof, no geological proof, nothing. Not to mention, it's a copy of the Sumerian flood story which took place 4,000 + years earlier!

Creation? Nope, same as Noah. Sumerians wrote about it first. So did the Egyptians.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

I certainly am..


  1. I was with someone the other day who was watching Bill O'reily and of course he was arguing with his guest about something... I wasn't paying too much attention. Anyway, the first thing out of Mr. Bill's mouth was "the bible clearly states..." So we have serious problems if many people believe the bible to be fact. Serious problems.

  2. Hi Heather!

    You are correct! It is a sad state that we are in where people clearly use the bible to state their position when it is VERY clear that the authors intended the bible to be an ALLEGORY, not fact.