Saturday, May 12, 2012

Religious people are LESS Compassionate

In a recent study at The University of California Berkley, researchers found that highly religious people were less compassionate than Atheists or Agnostics.

In three different experiments researches found that Atheists tended to be motivated more to help their fellow human being simply out of compassion. Conversely, highly religious individuals tended to help others out of one of three primary motivations: Doctrine, communal identity and reputational concerns .

It seems to me that even though Atheists are less trusted according to numerous studies and surveys, that Atheists and non-religious people tend to be more generous and compassionate simply out of the desire to help someone.

Maybe, just maybe religious people can take something from this.

Helping for the sake of helping is good. Helping so that you can keep your social standing etc. is just selfish. There is NOTHING altruistic in working to keep your social standing in your individual church etc.

Atheists we are kind and compassionate! Yes, we are it's a fact.

I dare a religious person to come here and tell me different.


  1. Yes, I read this study, but it was obviously flawed and biased.
    Human beings are kind and compassionate. Please, for the love of humanity, stop trying to prove you are better than other people and make generalizations about entire groups of people.. That kind of thing just plain bigoted.


  2. Hi, thanks for your comments.

    I would disagree with you on a couple of your points. First, I don't think it was flawed or biased. I think it was well thought out and fair.

    Far as your second comment goes, I have NEVER once intimated that I was better than anyone else, nor have I made gross generalizations. Unlike the evangelicals that run round screaming to the top of their lungs that atheists are evil and mormons are bad, or that anyone other than an evangelical is going to hell.