Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How the "holier than thou's" have fallen!

It appears that the founders of that cancer that plagues the airways also known as TBN are having some issues. It seems that there are some allegations of financial improprieties going on within their organization.

For those of you that don't know what TBN is, it is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The worlds largest Televangelical network. They broadcast all sorts of evangelical television to the idiotic masses that eat it up and send their hard earned money to "get god's blessings and prosperity". You know the way it goes, "let us pray" Oh, and for only a donation of $100.00 I will send you gods' autograph! This network has been poisoning minds since the middle 1970's with their religion of prosperity and faith healing bull shit.

Recently, it seems that their own family members being the greedy little shits that they are, are now fighting about money! Yes, that's correct. Jesus fearing folks preaching prosperity, honesty and following the 10 commandments are fighting about money and how the upper echelon of the organization are IMPROPERLY using the donations sent in by the loyal followers and believers in their network to do things like buy multiple Million dollar plus homes across the country, drive fleets of ultra expensive vehicles, fly round the world in private planes etc. It seems that some of the kiddies don't feel like they are getting their fair share of their family's ill gotten gains.

Here is the story in the New York Times if you want to read it. It's long but interesting.

In my mind, this just proves my point. Religion is NOT about getting to the "fantasy man in the sky" it's about MONEY. It's about good old fashioned greed. Yes, folks that's correct. Your belief and faith is all for the folks at the top of the religion pyramid to get their cash. If you think it's for any other reason, you really need to reexamine what they tell you every Sunday.

The essence of the Sunday meeting probably goes like this:

1. - babble about a biblical or scriptural principle
2. - declare faith in "fantasy man in sky"
3. - admonish the sinner

Correct me if I'm wrong, but having worked in the Direct Response industry for over a decade now, what that looks like to me is the standard format of an INFOMERCIAL. It's a simple sales technique, you pitch what you are selling, initiate a "call to action" in this case praying etc. Then set a "limited time" (hell, damnation if you don't comply). then "close the sale" (ask for the Money). This is DR 101 kids. It's not rocket science, but all the idiots out there just SUCK IT UP.

Please, Please, Please take of the blinders and see it for what it is. A fraud!

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