Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Parents

 Both my parents are retired school teachers, they spent 20+ years in the public (read crappy daycare) school system here in Utah. They I think really loved what they did. My mom taught Kindergarten and my dad was a Third Grade Teacher for his entire career. Together they probably educated 1000's of children whose parents couldn't have given a flying crap if their kids learned anything as long as they passed each grade.

I say that to say this. My parents earned their retirements right? I mean, they worked hard took care of myself and my siblings (there were 5 of us total), they should enjoy their retirements right?

The first year they were retired, they did just that! They traveled, when I say that I mean I don't think they were home more than a week at a time that first year. They went everywhere; China, Japan, toured Europe, cruise to Australia, Caribbean vacations, Alaskan get-aways. Really, you name it, they were there. When they were doing this, they were happy. Always smiling and sending post cards from all over the world. It was great for them.


Their church came calling for them. That's right, their church asked them to be Ward Missionaries. What this means is they are supposed to spend a few days a week "fellowshipping" people that have 'fallen' away from the church back into the church. Essentially for lack of a better description, they are the equivalent of sales representatives from your local cable company coming around and trying to get you to go back to their service.

At first it was ok I think..

Then, their "Mission Leader" informs them that they can NO LONGER travel. That's right, not only do they have to donate their time (which I think is admirable) they now have to give up their freedom to ENJOY THEIR RETIREMENT. I know they are TBM, I get that, I am just saddened to see them unable to do what they love.

If it was JUST the travel, I would have felt for them, but I would have I guess understood their commitment to their beliefs.


My son placed second in his school's science fair, and of course he invited his Grandparents to come and see him accept his award at the awards ceremony.

They couldn't make it!! They were too busy with "fellowshipping" to take time to see their grandson be rewarded for his hard work. They are recruiting people into a faith that preaches 'family togetherness' etc. but, when the chips are down.........

Recruiting more people to pay tithing is more important than family......

I know my parents don't feel that way. They told me they tried to reschedule, their "mission president" told them they couldn't reschedule as that might cause the 'prospects' to feel inconvenienced! REALLY???

I love my parents dearly, I just do NOT understand that system of beliefs where you would sacrifice your freedom, and family to recruit people back into something they left, obviously by CHOICE because they weren't happy!

If anyone can please tell me how that works, and how it is justifiable, please I am willing to listen...

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