Monday, March 15, 2010

A short rant

Don't get me wrong...I am NOT absolutely NOT intending this to be a place where I will rant and rave about religion, politics or anything like that. Now, with that said, I will on occasion go off on subjects that I think I need to talk about..

This is one of those times. My brother in law, a great guy (he has to be he is married to a freakin' psychopath), we'll call her "F" since I don't want to be sued any time soon. Called me upset. It appears that he didn't have enough money to pay BOTH his mortgage and tithing (yes he is a member of the predominant religion here in Utah). I being logical told him "Pay your mortgage, you won't be going to hell for keeping a roof over your families head". --Logical and intelligent right? So "B" pays the mortgage and doesn't pay a full 10% (He told me it was closer to 5%).

Anyway a few days later I get a phone call with "F" screaming in her shrill "I'm Bat Shit Crazy" voice about "how dare you tell "B" to not pay tithing?!?!?" I guess her Bishop called on them and wanted to voice his concern at their not paying a FULL 10% that month.

Now, that chaps my butt on a couple levels...First, WFT?? I mean really, you don't DONATE 10% of your income in one month and the leader of your religious group calls on you to find out why??? REALLY??? That strikes me as messed up!! Last I checked, the United Way doesn't call me and say: "Hey you didn't donate the same as last year, WTF Dude?" They just say thank you and cash my check.

Second level of chappation: I advise her hubby to pay the DAMN MORTGAGE and keep a roof over their heads and she is mad at ME? Ok, that's it I have nothing else at the moment. Maybe I am wrong??

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