Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Counting my 'many blessings'

A comment on another blog got me thinking about this and it has festered for a few days so I have had to put my own thoughts out there.

Primarily in the LDS inc. culture there is this propensity to 'count your blessings' - there are even hymns you sing in church telling you to do so. Of course when a member is talking about 'counting blessings' they are taking everything good or remotely positive and attributing it to either God's favor on them or their own faith/righteousness. This is because the culture of LDS inc. for TBM's is that you must publicly declare to all members how 'blessed' by the lord you are for being such a good TBM. If you don't believe me ask any TBM to tell you about their faith and the church. The first thing they will do is tell you how 'blessed they are' to be members, the next thing is they will tell you that Joe Smith (Creator of the great fiction (BOM)) is a 'true prophet of god' . after that they will go into a bunch of mindless drivell about any number of subjects, it will all sound very sincere and they will tell you to read the BOM and pray about it and that you too will see the truth and know that LDS inc. is the 'one true church'. If you use logic and reason, you will see through all that, I could go on in great detail, but I digress. This post was about counting blessings wasn't it?

Here are my blessings attributed to God etc.:

1) My job. Without the lord in my life, I am POSITIVE I wouldn't have the job I have held for nearly a decade. All the hard work and effort I put are all thanks to the 'man upstairs'.

2)My family. The lord has given my my wife and son who I am positive I wouldn't have in my life if the lord hadn't put them there. It is a forgone conclusion that I NEVER would have met my wife had the lord not decided to have us BOTH work at the same job and be physically attracted to each other.

3)My Dog. You guessed it the lord delivered the dog to me. If the lord hadn't put the dog in my living room, he wouldn't be there.

4)My successful recovery from recent surgery. The lord healed me, not modern medicine, not any amount of rest. it was prayer and faith that healed me, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the surgeon or medical staff at the hospital that fixed my issue, it was the lord.

5)My great driving record. I haven't had so much as a parking ticket in 10+ years. That is all thanks to the lord above. He keeps me safe, keeps my foot light on the gas pedal and keeps me driving like a responsible, intelligent person that LOVES low insurance premiums.

6)NFL and NBA. You got it. GOD is responsible for professional sports! Without GOD there would be no sports and no Sunday fall enjoyment for me. I wouldn't be a skin's or jazz fan if it wasn't for the lord.

7)The internet. This had nothing to do with all the pioneers of technology out there experimenting and trying new things. This had nothing to do with anyone mortal. The lord created the internet to make it easier to spread his word to everyone. God is the most searched term on the internet right? Oh, wait that title goes to porn. Sorry god you don't get that one.

I am sure there are many more blessings that we can all attribute to god. I could probably write a 50,000 word post on all the blessings that god has given me. Anyone else have any other blessings that I missed. I mean I am sure that there are many of you that have lots of things to thank the lord above for right?

Let's list em out!

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