Thursday, March 31, 2011

How am I supposed to be 'tolerant' of Islam or any religion?

Christian fundamentalists teach children to kill Atheists and Muslims in "bible camps". No, I'm not making it up, play the video above and you will see what I mean. It's sad and ridiculous at the same time. Not only are they teaching children decidedly un-christian behavior but they are PROUD of it!

The we have Mormon missionaries pushing baptism etc. on little kids and pushing wives to go against their husbands wishes. I have been through it (I won out) and my brother in law (Mormon411) has had the same issues.

The Islamic extremists fly planes into buildings, kidnap and torture then kill film makers for making documentaries they don't like. They declare fatwas on Matt Stone and Trey Parker due to being disrespectful of Mohammad on South Park. Really, South Park deserves a fatwa? The disrespect stems from them depicting Mohammad in a bear suit, Santa suit etc.
I am at a loss here. I am supposed to be tolerant of all this, turn a blind eye to this and just accept everyone's religious views as 'harmless' right? Don't get me wrong, I am a firm 'live and let live' guy. I just refuse to 'tolerate' bad behavior even if it is bad religious behavior.

Hey Christians, Mormons, Muslims. You don't like what I have to say, Say something about it. Tell me what you think. Stop being PUSSIES and say something. I know you read my blog, I see the traffic, It's funny you chickenshits will post all kinds of stuff on YOUR sites but hide from someone that is willing to debate with you.

Prove me wrong!



    That's is some crazy craziness right there. It seriously makes me ill.

    And the water of Jesus is spelled Nestle? Wow...I hope they blessed it before popping the cap.

  2. Word. I think people should be tolerant of those worth tolerating. "Being tolerant" does not mean giving a carte blanche to any group, religious or otherwise. It's about understanding that not everyone lives the exact same way you do but they can do so without causing you or others harm. The people who do cause harm, no tolerance is needed or deserved.

  3. This is some seriously demented shit. Doesn't the Bible itself warn about wolves in sheeps clothing. This is it right here!

    The little girl at the end preaching up a storm made me laugh. Her little sigh at the end was classic. "I just skooled you!" It's hard to be humble when you know you're right!

    And how about the boys in face paint dancing around with sticks? I thought you only see that stuff in National Geographic with really primitive cultures. But then, religion is primitive so I really shouldn't be surprised.

    You heard the lady... This means war! This means war! You're exactly right, this kind of crap should not be tolerated.

    Harry Potter would have been put to death. My fictitious book about demons and witches and magic is totally true, but any other book about demons and witches and magic is of the devil. Things that make you go, hmmm.

  4. @ Heather,

    It is NUTS. I think the water of Christ is actually spelled Aquafina but I could be wrong...

    @ Seek,

    Exactly! Tolerance is earned through action, NEVER deserved.

    @ Mormon411,

    My favorite laughing moment was the 'speaking in tongues' looked like a bunch of spastic children shouting, nothing religious there..Putting Harry Potter to death? Really? And I am CRAZY because I don't believe?? Hmm really?

  5. Interesting blog! Just wanted to say I am currently living in the midst of "Bibleland" and often find myself in disbelief of some of the crazy shit that comes out of otherwise intelligent peoples' mouths. "Homosexuality happens because of molestation." "People lived with dinosaurs - they were just called dragons back then." "Chinese medicine and eastern culture is based in the occult." "We are supposed to be vegetarians because that's how we were 'in the beginning.'" I could go on and on. Some of these beliefs are harmful to society and/or human health, some are just plain ridiculous - it's the harmful ones with which I have a problem. The others are mostly just entertaining.