Monday, March 14, 2011

Where were the Prophets and Popes?

We have tsunamis hitting Japan, earthquakes destroying entire island nations, entire marinas in California wrecked, wars and civil unrest breaking out all over the Middle East, and economic collapse world wide. In all of this, there has not been ONE prediction or warning of impending doom coming from the "One True Prophet of God" (Mormon Prophet) or "Gods Mouthpiece on Earth" (the Pope)..

Interesting that the two fellas that claim to talk to God on a regular basis weren't aware in the LEAST that any of these issues above along with myriad others were about to happen. No warnings, no admonitions to change our ways (see prophets of the bible) NOTHING..

Anyone notice any kind of pattern here? It seems that the 'Prophets' of today just don't seem to either get the message from God or just don't care to share it. Either way, why follow a callous uncaring leader who communicates with a callous uncaring God?

If you have good reason why I should, PLEASE feel free to tell me. At this point, I just don't see it.


  1. Monson didn't get the memo I guess...but he did get revelation that tithing should be paid, no flip flops, oh and green tea is bad for you....

    Its so ridiculous!!! God will help a white collar Mormon Utah accountant find his car keys but can't stop an earthquake from killing hundreds. God can help a kid with their math test but can't help the child who is being molested.

    God is mean. I am actually going to do a post on this at some point...

  2. My thoughts exactly.

    I have lost faith in there being any kind of supreme being since if there is one it is the most petty, vile creature I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

    Course if I lose my car keys I know God will help me find them...

    thanks for stopping by Heather :)