Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Talk about dysfunctional......

I was checking in on my Facebook updates and came across something in my news feed that made me feel great about divorcing my ex-wife all those years ago. Her family is still as dysfunctional as ever. After reading the comments and posts all I could do is sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that my family and my wife's family although religious and sometimes crazy don't ever behave like this with each other.

It's good to be fairly normal....

Check this out, tell me if you see what I saw....

First a young fairly attractive sixteen year old girl posts a new profile pic [pic not here for obvious reasons]

The comments follow:

  • Angie  Right there- my point proven. I know you have a better picture you can use for your profile pic than this one where everyone is looking down your shirt. :oP
    Sunday at 8:25pm
  • Daniel  idk bout you but i was looking at her gorgeous face...
    Sunday at 8:51pm
  • Angie  Riiiiiight.......
    Sunday at 8:52pm
  • Daniel  oh i forgot that you can see threw my eyes lol
    Sunday at 8:53pm
  • Kyleigh  oh wow. lol thank you daniel! (:
    Sunday at 8:59pm
  • Daniel  ‎;]
    Sunday at 9:00pm
  • Nick hey dont be trying to pick up on her shes mine bitch =)
    Monday at 5:17pm
  • Daniel  yea ok buddy lmao
    Monday at 5:34pm
  • Nick  ya well im her brother so stay away
    Monday at 5:38pm
  • Daniel  LOL!!! not tryin to disrespect, espesially when your her brother man, but i think your sis is a big girl... let her choose her friends bro. im sure she doesnt tell you who to hang out with/talk to...
    Monday at 5:41pm
  • Cassie  yo daniel talk with some respect you wont be hittin nothing unless you want your dick chopped off put in a blender and shoved down your throat im her older sister and trust me you dont want to piss nick and i off you keep your dick in your pants
    13 hours ago
  • Cassie  and kyleigh you look gorgeous i love you honey
    13 hours ago
  • Cassie  this is Bobbi the mom on cassie's profile and daniel buddy you better watch it you don't want to piss me and her dad off or you won't be seeing daylight much longer she is 16 and still too young and real guys don't talk to nice girls that way it just shows you immatturity and that all you are looking for is a piece of ass so stay away!!!!!!!!!!!
    13 hours ago
  • Cassie  hey ky and nick calll me you have my cell number bro and sis love you both
    13 hours ago
  • Nick daniel you now have my respect even though your a guy lookin for a piece and cassie thanks for having my back. bobbi and dewayne stay the fuck out of this nobody be SCRRD of you, you guys are to old
    12 hours ago
  • Sheila  Nick love you buddy but parents are parents... As your auntie watch your mouth buck-a-roo.. I love you all and Daniel please dont talk to my beautiful neice like that.
    12 hours ago
  • Daniel ok, well i apoligize to family for my "joke" by the wayyy im also 16, and im not interested in using kyleigh for a piece of ass. i'll delete the comment and think bout what might offend you guys. and @ nick my bad man, i shouldn't have put that. i would flip on a guy for saying that to my sis. but just for a single request from cassie/the mom, you dont needa tell me you'll chop my dick off and all that other stuff. all you gotta do is ask. thank you! :] and again my bad!
    As you can see this family is MESSED up! Makes my crazy Mormon family look more than desirable by comparison. At least I get to KEEP my member...


  1. Wow....

    I quit FB for reasons like this, well, not like this exactly, but for family drama.

    Do these people even know that others read this stuff? Its not just a conversation with two people in person, its on the INTERNET for all friends to read.


  2. I actually blocked their posts on my Facebook moving forward since I don't need to see that every day.

    It makes me want to quit FB all together except that for the most part I don't have idiots posting violent threats etc.

    It does make me very happy though to know I left THAT family behind over a decade ago. That in itself is addition by subtraction :)