Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everyone should be able to use birth control

You know what?

Normally I don't like Obama, personally I absolutely do not like his fiscal approach to our country. You must understand when it comes to politics, I am Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal. I guess that makes me a libertarian since I don't want goverment intrusion into my life but I do like the idea of there being a military etc.

I have been reading tons of articles lately regarding the new healthcare plan requiring ALL medical organizations to pay for birth control, this is a good thing. Sadly, the religious right and of course the idiot republicans can't leave anything alone. So, what do they do? Protest it!

Yes, let's protest responsible reproduction. Let's protest logical family planning. Let's protest lower population (we are getting overcrowded as it is), hell let's protest lower welfare roles since birth control could be MORE accessible to everyone!

Seems stupid to me. If you want to not use birth control, don't use it. I for one find the option of my insurance paying for it a GOOD THING.

Matter of fact, because I can't stand the religious right and their idiocy, I think I will be voting independant again!

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