Friday, February 24, 2012

State funded religion? ONLY IN MISSOURI!

This is just plain scary!

Go to the third story down and you will see what I mean!

Oh wait, it's a Republican! No wonder... Now I UNDERSTAND it!

Scott Rupp a Missouri state senator wants to have the ban on state funding of religous schools lifted so that the state of Missouri will take funds for PUBLIC schools and funnel them to PRIVATE Religious schools! Including private schools that teach such fabulous ideological points of view as racism and plebiscite cannibalism!

Dude, think about this! Your children do NOT need to have funds taken away from them so that priveledged children can go to their private religious schools and learn fairy tales. Keep the money in the public schools where they NEED IT!

Way to go Missouri!

Way to go.

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  1. Incredible, I have never really associated myself with any political party, but I am starting to be more and more turned off by the republicans.

    Just imagine how screwed up Missouri would be if the Mormons had actually settled there like Joseph Smith predicted (falsely) that they would.