Saturday, February 11, 2012

Evolution is a fairy tale?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the IDIOT Ray Comfort is at it again. You can read the article here.

This time he is attempting to attack Evolution as a fairy tale? Hmmm. I'm not an Evolutionary Scientist by any means so I am not going to try pretend to be one. It's interesting that he is saying that churches that are CHOOSING to celebrate "Evolution Week" should also have a "Cinderella Sunday" since they are celebrating 'fairy tales'.

Now THAT is ironic! I thought religion in general was about fairy tales. I thought every Sunday was a "Cinderella Sunday". Was I wrong? Don't people of all faiths celebrate their fantasies every Sunday?

“The only thing scientific about the theory of evolution is that it is science fiction,” said Ray Comfort. Really? Really? So all the decades of research and PROOF are for naught? The FACT that we can see evolution from one generation to the next in all sorts of organisms from the smallest bacteria to apes and let's not forget HUMANS! For example, it is undisputed fact that all human life came from the African continent some millions of years ago, yet there are diverse groups (races) of individual HUMANS all over the planet that have EVOLVED to have different traits from facial structure to skin pigmentation. How do you discredit this PROOF of evolution Ray? I will tell you how, by going to the most fantastic novel ever written and quoting it! Tower of Babel anyone? His ONLY proof to discredit this is an obscure story of people building a tower to heaven, a tower that archeology CANNOT find anywhere on the planet. A tower that would have been so incredibly tall that there would have to have been SOME remnants of it somewhere, but alas, NOTHING.

“The institutions that embrace the theory of evolution need to come out of the closet and stop pretending to be Christian. Either we believe Jesus when He said, ‘In the beginning God created male and female’ or we don’t. Biblical truth and the fairytale of evolution are incompatible,” Comfort said.

Given that the Bible was WRITTEN some 3,000 years ago and BORROWS many of the stories of creation etc. from the Mesopotamian cultures as well as Egyptian mythos, how is THAT fact? It's NOT Ray. Prove me wrong. The Mesopotamian culture wrote of creation LONG BEFORE the Christian Bible was even a thought! How can the Bible be factual yet you would have us believe that cultures that had the SAME stories PRIOR to the Bible's existence are false? Ray, WAKE up! You are an IDIOT!

“In recent years biologists have deliberately distanced themselves from that phrase and instead used ‘natural selection,’ because ‘survival of the fittest’ is easily linked to Hitler’s killing of the weak and letting the strongest survive. Atheism almost always embraces Darwinian evolution, which would have people believe that they are merely animals, and that there are no moral absolutes. I have been going to universities and challenging students to convince me that evolution has a scientific basis. No one can offer any proof, because Darwin’s evolution is scientifically baseless. All they have are theories that have to be received in blind faith,” he said.

So Ray is going to Universities and challenging the Students? What about the Professors? Oh, Wait! He wouldn't do THAT because a Professor of science WOULD discredit him and PROVE him to be the MORON that he is. He asks you to PROVE to him scientifically that Evolution makes sense, but then when YOU ask him to prove that God exists, he ASKS you to take it on "blind faith" his words, Not mine!

Hey Ray, you can't have it both ways.

I am issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE to Ray Comfort:

Come to my blog, post your thoughts and let me prove you wrong! I'm not an evolutionary scientist. I'm just a blogger! Oh, and I'm an Atheist. I would bet you that I don't hear from Ray, know why? He's chicken and doesn't have the BALLS to challenge me. Hell, I would be willing to be on his stupid little scare tactics show and be interviewed.

He won't though. I am sure of it.

Hey Ray. I dare you!


  1. Awe, it'd be awesome if he took your challenge. What a showdown that would be!

  2. It would be wouldn't it? I highly doubt he will though. He's too chicken to do that. Willing to spout his garbage to people that agree with him, but when someone disagrees with him, he runs and hides.

  3. The most laughable thing to me is how all these believers continue to use arguments that only show how ignorant they are on the subject. I'm no expert myself but I do know that the Theory of Evolution DOES NOT teach that we descended from apes and that it all happened by complete random chance. In order for them to discredit it, they must first understand it. And in order to understand it, they must get rid of all their pre-conceived notions. Since that is impossible for religious people to do, they will continue to use the same old arguments. And IF they actually do learn about it, they will see that the evidence is solid but then they will be too proud to admit they were wrong. Doh!

    Religion: closing minds since the beginning of time.