Friday, February 24, 2012

A Nigerian Scammer Joins "My Church" pt 2

well time to introduce someone new to the mix

Mr. Morris,

It is obvious that you do not wish to continue our business. I do not appreciate the tone of your emails and therefore do not wish to continue with you or your business. I have forwarded your information to a local church leader here that may be interested in helping Mrs. Estrada out. If she would like to contact him, he may be willing to assist her. You can contact him at .

His name is Rev. Harry Balls.

Phallically yours,

IP Standingup

Ya think she wrote him?

Attn: Rev. Harry Balls

I am mrs Luisa Pimentel Estrada, I wasasked to write you by Mr Ignacious Pantishoes Standingup who have beenin transaction with me.Which i know he might have discussed it withyou. Actually, i am not certain of why i was asked to contact you, butwithin my own cilantro knowledge i felt, its just to get blessing of Godfrom a servant of God like you. Pls sir, if there is any questionthat you feel like asking me as regards to this transaction kindly letme know.I look forward hearing from you.
Thank you and God Bless usall.
Warmest Regards

Dr.Mrs.luisa Pimentel Estrada

Of course she did! And the church is there to help her

From: Rev. Harry Balls
To: MrsLuisa Pimentel Estrada

Sister Estrada,

I am glad thatyou have written me regarding your recent transaction with my parishonerbrother Standingup. He has told me of your situation and I have a fewquestions for you. He has told me that you are under house arrest forcrimes which you did not commit? Is this true? I am truly sorry to hearof your predicament. It just saddens me a man of God to hear of one ofGod's children in such a situation.

Our church The Church ofthe Assimilated Virgin, wish to help you in your time of need. We wouldlike to extend a hand of love and friendship towards you and yourfamily, and in that way maybe to bring some peace and joy back into yourlives.

I understand that you need to release an amount of fundsthat are locked away in a security vault in Europe, is this true? Howmuch would it take for us to assist you in recovering your funds? We arenot a wealthy church, but we could see it clear to assist you with asmuch as $30,000 dollars to get your family back it's well being andsecurity. You would of course just need to reimburse us for the monieswe paid to release your funds once your have your money available toyou. We do not wish to profit from your situation, only to assist you inyour time of need.

If this is something you would like us tohelp you with, or if you wish our assistance in this matter, write backand we will go from there.

God bless us all,

Rev. HarryBalls
Head Minister

Gee is it a real church or is it memorex?

Attn:Rev Harry Balls

Thanks for your mail and i wish to notifyyou that the content of your message has brought back life, hope, peaceand joy in my life. Based on your questions, below are the answersto your questions.

1.It is true, i am under house arrest for crimes idid not commit.

2.I have some huge amount of money to be releasedthat was deposited in a Security Company in europe on my behalf by myhusband.It will cost almost Nine thousand five hundred Euros only tocollect the consignment from the security company based on what theydiscussed with your parishoner brother, Mr Standingup.I would reimburseyou the money you paid to release the monwy from the security companyand even offer 25% of the total sum to the church once the money isavailable.

Finally, for coming to help my family and i, my prayer for you is,Rev, Harry Balls, may you and the church decrease, while theAlmight God increases in your life and in the ministry.May your life andthat of the ministry be established forever as the moon.(Amen).Lookingforward to hearing from you.

Thank you and God bless us all.

Dr.Mrs Luisa Pimentel Estrada.

and she even attempts to bribe a preist

From: Rev. Harry Balls
To: MrsLuisa Pimentel Estrada

Sister Estrada,

I am saddened tohear that you and your family have been treated so very pourly by yourown peeple. It is not right that in a christian world someone as goodand caring as yourself and your family are treated like common theivesor criminals.

I have spoken with the High Elders of the GreatPhallus, and we have all decided that the Church will be happy to assistyou in your endeavor to collect the funds that are rightfully yours. We doappreciate the offer of 25% but, honestly we cannot take money fromsomeone in your situation at this time. We would however appreciate itif in return for our help, if you would be willing to spread the workand the glory of the Assimilated Virgin throughout your country and toall of your people. To that end, and in order for us to assist you andpay the fees required to release the funds for you, we do require thatyou and your family join us in our faith and become members of TheChurch of the Assimilated Virgin.

If this would be ok with youwe can proceed with assisting you in releasing the funds your family sosorely needs. Write back as soon as you can to let me know if we aregoing to be able to assist you.

Regardless of your choice, maythe Assimilated Virgin and God and his holy phallus always bless you andkeep you.
God bless you,

Rev. Harry Balls

hehe I am going to make this bitch join my church

Attn:Rev. Harry Balls

Thanks for all your endavours.Pleaseforgive me if i have offended you by offering 25% to you.
Iaccepted everything you made mentioned.It is okay by me.Please proceedwith your assistant.Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank youand God bless us all. Warmest Regards

Dr.Mrs Luisa Pimentel Estrada.

yea she is gonna join up

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