Monday, February 20, 2012

You MUST learn about religion in SCHOOL!

This is more than sad. You can read the full article here:

After reading the article, I am glad I'm not raising my son in Canada. It's bad enough here that Faux News spouts the garbage they do and the 'Mormon Establishment' in Utah pushes their beliefs onto my son at school as it is. But in Canda they are now FORCING all children to learn about various religions in SCHOOL.

You can't opt out and have your children not be forced to be exposed the fairy tales that religion espouses. In the case in the article it's a Catholic family that didn't want their children forced to learn about other religions.

What about Atheist families? If we live in Canada we are now forced to have our children learning about religion in school? Last I checked, schools didn't force children to take a Grimms Fairy Tale course. Or a Let's learn about Santa, The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy class. Why the forcing of religion down the throats of Canadian Children? If I were Canadian I would be looking to move somewhere, anywhere that didn't force my children to learn these often mind numbing and potentially damaging philosophies.

If you are going to force children to learn something make it, oh I don't know... SCIENCE or LOGIC or HISTORY. But Religion, if you want to lie and decieve your children, do it on your own damn time Canda, Don't do it on your childrens own preciously limited educational time.

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