Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did the Biblical prophets talk to god?

This question has vexed me recently. Not so much because I am concerned that maybe the "prophets" of the bible talked to god, but more so from the point of reference that they BELIEVE they talked to someone or something.

Here is my take on this:

They did NOT talk to god. At least NOT the god that they describe in the bible. What I think they did was talk to someone that due to their TECHNOLOGY appeared to be "god-like" to them and therefore god in their eyes. Was this being god? I don't believe so. I am going to put forward a theory that what these folks 2000+ years ago saw and talked to were visitors from somewhere else.

These visitors came here, met different people on different continents and in different cultures and in ALL cases were described as beings 'descending from out of the sky on chariots of fire' etc. These encounters are consistently described in much the same way across time-lines and cultural divides.

Before you discount this theory, think about this: If YOU were ancient man with NO understanding of technology outside of what you can make with your two hands out of rudimentary equipment with the highest technology you have being possibly Bronze metallurgy. Then you see a "pillar of light and fire" and from out of that fire a being emerges with bright light flooding from behind them. There is a loud sound like thunder (the crafts engines) and the being speaks to you.

How would you with your limited knowledge of the world and technology, never having read anything remotely close to sci-fi or fantasy. Hell, you probably can barely read your own language. How do you describe what happens? You probably equate it to what YOU know which would be a 'god theory' or experience.

This brings me to miracles. Specifically walking on water. You can walk on water. Is it a miracle? No, it's simple physics. If you can move quickly enough over the surface of the water, not breaking the surface tension on the top layer you will APPEAR to walk on water. If you would like an example of this google straw mats walking on water and you will see what I mean. You can do it if you have the right equipment in the right environment. Water is after all a non-Newtonian fluid.

What do you think?

Could it have been aliens in the bible and other cultures and not really a supreme being?

How do you explain it?

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