Monday, March 12, 2012

A Nigerian Scammer Joins "My Church" pt 11

Out the gate she starts whining to Tits Mcghee

Attn: Mr Attn: Tits Mcghee(High PhallicElder) Sir, Please i write to notify and the whole that i withdrew my familyand i amd other souls i have won from been menbers of the church.Youpeople have been unfair to us.Please sir, Springfield Police Department,Mr. Apu Nahasapimapetilan and his superior Chief Charlie Wiggum wantedto set my agent up. Please help me tell them that i am no longerinterested in that funds.They should go hell with funds. Why mustthey suddenly charge the arrangment?.They want my agent to go AmericanEmbassy in Germany for the collection of funds,why?I want you to studythe letter they sent to me.Below is the letter and iw ant you to tell mewhere I have been less than dishonest in all of my transactions withThe Church of the Assimilated Virgin as well as the head investigator ofthe Criminal Compensation Division of the Springfield Police Department,Mr. Apu Nahasapimapetilan and his superior Chief Charlie Wiggum. ..................................................

My name is Dr.Mrs. Louisa Pimentel Estrada,

I am authorizing Ms. Andrea Beck ofGitschiner Str, 28 47053 Duisberg Germany to collect my CriminalCompensation, that I have most honestly earned and with all honesty andintegrity believe that I deserve. I have through my efforts with theChurch of the Assimilated Virgin been able to have them disburse to me asum of $48,400 US Dollars. The case number is: 06098419004194. Iwould like to receive exactly what is coming to me via my agent Ms.Andrea Beck. Ms. Beck also is here with all necessary identification toprove her identity and to prove that she is duly able to be CriminallyCompensated on my behalf. I have been less than dishonest in all of mytransactions with The Church of the Assimilated Virgin as well as thehead investigator of the Criminal Compensation Division of theSpringfield Police Department, Mr. Apu Nahasapimapetilan and hissuperior Chief Charlie Wiggum.

Please let themgo to hell with their funds.My agent will not go any where(AmericanEmbassy). I look forward to your urgent reply.
Thank you and Godbless us all.
Warmest Regards
Dr. Mrs. Luisa Pimentel Estrada

A set up? Me??? I don't think so, so Tits responds..

From: H.P.E. Tits Mcghee
To: Dr.Mrs. Louis Pimentel Esstrada

Sister Estrada,

Why do you attack the Church? We have been nothing if not kind and understanding with all of your trials, tribulations and complications that you have thrown our way. Now, you want to leave the Church, because the Springfield Police Department wants to deliver to you what is yours?
I can see nothing wrong with the letter they sent to you. You have always been honest and forthcoming with the church. So, yes I would say that you have been less than dishonest, you have been HONEST!
I am not sure what you mean by "Set Up", I was informed that it is simply Federal Law and policy within the Police Department that when they are transferring such large sums that the funds be delivered to the US Embassy in what ever country the funds are going to.

How and for that matter why would the Police want to set you up? What would they have to gain? Have you committed some crime? That would be the only reason why you would see that as something other than standard procedure. If you have been dishonest with us, then we accept your withdrawl from our church and hope that your sloppy diseased gash rots off your stinking crotch and kills all that enter it!

Officially you will be banned from the Church of the Assimilated Virgin and never be allowed the sacraments of heaven or for that matter a decent orgasm for the rest of your unnatural, uneducated, loserific existence you diseased babylonian whore!

May the Great Phallus Urinate on your diseased soul!

Tits Mcghee
High Phallic Elder

Now to Apu and what she whines to him about...

Attn: The Head Auditor Apu Nahasapimapetilan

I am sorry to announce to you that my Agent will not go to American Embassy for the collection of the funds sorry. Please take the funds we are no longer interested again.IT IS A SET UP FROM YOU SAYS BY MY LAWYER.
Thank you and God bless us all.
Warmest Regards
Dr. Mrs. Luisa Pimentel Estrada.

Her Lawyer? If she were legit, she would NEVER question where or why the money was where it was.

Mrs. Estrada,
Ref: 06098419004194

It is my understanding that you are now refusing to collect what is coming to you? It seems strange that you would be worried about a "set up" when in your own words, you have been honest with myself and the SPDCCD in every conversation.

Since you are refusing to collect what is coming to you, you may consider this transaction void and we will no longer do business on this matter with you.

As of 6:26am CST this transaction/case is now closed. All parties have been satisfied and no further action will be taken in this matter.

Thank you,

Apu Nahasapimapetilan
Head Auditor (Criminal Compensation Department)

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