Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jesus. Did he exist? Where was he born?

I have been thinking on this for a while. Doing lots of reading and studying to see just what I could find out. My conclusions are as follows:

1. - I have come to the conclusion that someone named Jesus did exist at some point. Much like Mohammad and Buddha there is just too much empirical evidence to deny that a person named Jesus did exist.

2. - Jesus was NOT a son of a supreme being. He was an enigmatic philosopher that had a lot of good ideas, many of them borrowed from other cultures and religious foundations. Still in all, they were good ideas and decent philosophies to live by. Golden rule etc.

3. - There is no empirical data showing that Jesus came back to life after being hung on the cross with other criminals ( he was considered a criminal since many of his ideas and his claim to be the son of god were considered blasphemous at the time ). The Shroud of Turin has been shown to be a forgery so there is no actual data showing anything of Jesus or anyone else being resurrected.

4. - The biblical story of him being born in Bethlehem cannot be verified. The date of his birth is in doubt and since there is no biblical connection (IE books by Jesus) in the Bible we can only assume that either he was illiterate or his ideas that he did write were too radical for the Bible. Since his birthplace cannot be verified as well as the date of birth, we have to assume that he was not the son of god as stated earlier. If he were the son of god as claimed, his place of birth and date should have been well known and documented in more that just a minor passage in one book.

5. - Proof of miracles. There isn't any. Just the word of someone that saw something or thought they saw something. You would logically think that if he were performing ACTUAL miracles, there would be independent corroborating stories and witnesses of these "miracles". There isn't any.

After all this thought and consideration I have come to the conclusion that someone named Jesus Christ did exist at some point in the distant past. Much like David Koresh and the Branch Dravidian's or the Heaven's Gate cult or Jones town he lead a group of people and preached a set of values. His 'cult' lasted much longer but is still just that, to borrow a term from the band Living Colour,  he had a great "cult of personality".

Was he the 'son of god' -- No.

Did he perform miracles? -- Nothing can be substantiated so, no he did not.

Did he rise from the grave? -- eww Creepy. No he did not.

Was he an enigmatic philosopher with a cult following? -- Yes, from all the evidence I believe he was.

Feel free to disagree with me. Or, conversely agree.

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