Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Atheism a religion?

This fellow's opinion is interesting if not a bit screwy. I found him while trolling the interwebz for interesting stories and opinions about a myriad of things. Honestly I just pull up my google news feed and read all kinds of interesting stuff. His entire opinion piece is posted here if you would like to read it. As always, I don't cherry pick, I give you all the facts and if you disagree, feel free to do so.

His arguements though I think designed to fire up Atheists are fairly weak and like I said contrived more to get some talking going. I like to call pieces like this "opinion trolling".

His main argument is: "The cornerstone of the belief system is that there are no Gods or anything else supernatural or spiritual and that no non-Atheist understands Atheism."

This in and of itself is incorrect. It is NOT a belief system so much as it is a system of understanding based on empirical data and a patent lack of proof that there is a supreme being that controls the universe. I have to give the guy credit though. He does make for an entertaining read.

Do you agree with him?

Do you agree with me?

Where do you stand?

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