Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freedom of religion is ALSO freedom FROM religion

The Republicans and yes, even some Democrats are supporting the Catholic Bishops in fighting the health care reform that mandates that birth control be covered by health care plans. Their justification for this? You guessed it, the First Amendment!

It's funny isn't it?

They cry Religious freedom then try to shove their beliefs down everyone's throats REGARDLESS of the rest of the populations convictions? So the Catholic Church owns a hospital. Is EVERY employee of that hospital Catholic? I doubt it, since it would be ridiculous to say "If you aren't Catholic, you can't work here." So why should the insurance offered by the hospital to it's employees be exempt from offering birth control coverage? They shouldn't. The only justification for it? Their own arrogance.

These idiots need a dose of humility and logic. They need to understand that the First Amendment not ONLY covers their Freedom to Practice their religion, but it ALSO protects everyone else from being FORCED to practice their religion as well. You see people, the sword cuts both ways.

Politicians and religion are both idiots cut from the same cloth. Rick Santorum is an idiot of the highest caliber. Any one that believes in magical always existing beings that can snap their fingers and make worlds appear and then plant old bones in the ground to "confuse" their believers is an idiot!

Pray to Santa, the Easter Bunny or anyone else. It's all the same...

Let's keep America and the world free from Religious Idoicy.

Keep it logical.

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